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I keep meaning to update this….

So it’s been a busy few months. The new daemon codex dropped which meant my army changed in a few radical ways. In my oppinion in very much better ways, gone is the top tier auto win units. It’s now a much more balanced affair, very aggressive but very delicate.

But enough for now on the codex changes. Project silent nears completion, i have all the units i wanted to use painted, i’ve been neglecting the gaming board due to a codex change and needing to learn an entirely new codex for March Throne of Skulls. I elected for a very fast moving aggressive army with a couple of units to camp objectives. On the whole my list worked very well, I came second in the daemon category by a single point,  both myself and the top player having picked up 4 wins and 3 sportsman points, the difference being he drew his first game, i lost mine. The Bloodthirster and Lord of change tag team worked very well. The 2 units of fiends were disruptive and hard hitting (they are now excellent psychic defence and impose a -5 iniative penalty on any unit they assault!) 

With spare points i had from the codex change over i added in some blood letters modelled on the lost children that were censored from the first game and added in some plague drones (which again are excellent models and stats wise!)

I don’t have many pics of the new units yet but i’ll get on it and do something about that this week sometime! I’ll even add a pic of my Alessa conversion. 

However this month sees the Tau getting an update (this is expensive all 3 armies i play being updated since october.) From everything i’ve seen the new codex i exactly what we’ve been waiting for, new toys, new mechs and most importantly a rebalancing in points so that everything isn’t stupidly expensive!

I’ll do another update with pics of the daemon stuff and some of the new tau stuff as i get it done!


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